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It’t not circus, It's passion

Midget Wrestling: It’s not a circus, it’s a hard core Dwarf wrestling. Those days are gone when midgets were only symbolizes as circus entertainer or you call them to entertain your child on birthdays. Nowadays, Dwarf means to hustle. Midgets are now the part of the wrestling world. They are no longer a laughing stock.Midget wrestling or Dwarf wrestling has been around with us since last seven decades. It’s only that networks like Dwarfanators, who are working day/night to promote dwarf wrestling to the masses.

Midget Wrestling is growing more and more, dwarfs are getting into this wrestling industry not because they get good money but because it gives them self-respect that they are something worth to this world. Midget wrestling has now gained equal attention like other wrestling world. Wrestlers like Nasty Bowa, Little bastard and Rampage are not unknown to this world. People like them, admire them and wants them. They are loved by even great professional wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and others.
The team of Dwarfanators is working closely with all those who want to see midget wrestling to reach the new height. We are committed to providing you with the entire best dwarf wrestling entertainment and its wrestlers to your city.
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– Frank Roberts – Dallas, Texas –

I have always been an avid WWE fan, so, when I heard Extreme Midget Wrestling was coming to town, I had to go. Listen, these little guys bring just as much action as the big guys do..! These guys are incredible,
I know one wrestler was no more than 3 ft tall and back flipped off an 8 foot ladder and toppled 3 of the of the other midget wrestlers… JUST AMAZING!


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