List of Dwarf Wrestlers who Wrestle for Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling Show
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List of Dwarf Wrestlers who Wrestle for Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling Show

  • August 14, 2018
  • Chris Penn
  • Dwarf Wrestling
List of Dwarf Wrestlers

When we talk about dwarf wrestler’s one obvious thing comes in every individual’s mind is the “Entertainment”. Yes, you are right if you are thinking so. But these professionals not only show you the comic acts, they fight like professionals. Dwarf Wrestling show is exciting that you have never seen before. The two hours show definitely win the heart of people who thought dwarfs are meant only for circus shows. Here you will get the information about the Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling show and wrestlers going to wrestle in this show. Let’s have a look:

Who are Dwarfanators?

The Dwarfanators is a wrestling group that has been entertaining audiences from past few years. They sell out their show in event centers, stadiums, casinos, and nightclubs. The extreme dwarf wrestling show is like nothing you have seen till now. This is actually a big show that draws about 3000 people worldwide.

These tiny people give you an action-packed two hours show that you will never forget. They are well trained professional wrestlers. In fact, they have become a role model for the dwarf community these days. There are a lot of entertaining performers along with a list of unforgettable moments.

Let’s find out the list of dwarf wrestlers you can see in the Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling:

Mini Fussion

Jonas Pereyra Aka Mini Fussion is from EI Paso Texas. The small stature wrestler is 5 feet in height and has 150lbs weight. He is the third person of his family who becomes a pro wrestler. Mini Fussion is in this business for more than 10 years. His finishing move is a “Spanish Fly” of the third rope.

Divine Mask

Marco Santiago Aka Divine Mask is from Mexico City. This WWE dwarf wrestler is wrestling from past few years.

Shorty Main

Charlie Cj Thigpen Aka Shorty Main is 29 years old who lives his life on one belief – love and respect everyone. The professional wrestler has a passion for cooking. Finishing move of this wrestler is “The JamRock”.

Nasty Boy

Meathead is from Los Angeles. The wrestler is 4 foot in height and 50lbs in weight. After making his SEPW debut, Meathead has gained a good fan following. In fact, he has become a continual spike in the side of Wicked Inc. The signature move of Nasty Boy is Pele Kick and finishing move is Meateor Rain”.

Kid Punk

Travis Douglas Aka Kid Punk is from Los Angeles and has 4ft and 2in height and 110lbs weight. The signature move of Kid Punk is “Moon Salt Finisher Swton Bomb”. Another interests of Kid Punk besides from wrestling are playing pool and traveling.

Lil Pecker

Full name of Lil pecker or Chicken Lil is Michael Colitti. He is 4ft and 1in in height. He has been wresting for Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling for 6 years. Finishing move of Michael Colitti is “Pele Kick.


Outlaw Aka Jonathan Bolling is from Cottage Grove, Tennessee. The weight of Jonathan is 112lbs and he is 4ft and 3in in height. He loves to play with his kids and wrestles with them. Furthermore, Jonathan Bolling like playing play station 4. The finisher move of Jonathan is “lightsout”.

These are only a few wrestlers who are part of Dwarf Wrestling 2018. All these wrestlers are highly trained and are not less talented than WWE wrestlers. They have trained hard in order to become perfect in the game. Also, they do not show any sympathy whenever they are inside the ring facing the challenger. These dwarf wrestlers surely entertain you with their kicks and punches.

Wrapping Up

Today dwarf has become part of the wrestling world. They no more found in the circus show. Above is the list of wrestlers who are part of dwarf wrestling show. Want more updates about the show? Join the fan club and stay up to date with the recent updates related to the show. So what are you pondering? If you want to make your weekend memorable with your family then buying ticket of Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling show is one of the best decisions you have ever made.